Web TV: Market analyst on GDPR and cyber security

Stockholm, Sweden

James McHale discusses cyber security, GDPR and IoT

James McHale, CEO of the market analysis company Memoori, discusses IoT in buildings, cyber security and GDPR in this Detektor TV Magazine video clip.

James McHale thinks that the physical security industry has not handled the cyber security threat very well so far. He says: “We are seeing a lot more attacks and hacking attempts so I think the security industry now has to be more serious about what is happening and I think they understand there is an educational piece to this as well.”

He thinks security has a huge part in smart buildings where IoT devices can collect and analyse data to create buildings that have more beneficial effects for the people using them.

James McHale also says GDPR can have a big impact on the industry.

”Relating to Europe and the protection of personal data, it could have a huge impact on how we as an industry collect video and access data about individuals”, he says.

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