VMS system scales up to manage over 4,000 cameras

Paramus, NJ (USA)

Aerial view of Tiajin city

Tianjin Rail Transit (TRT) in China will be extending its Qognify video management system (VMS) to provide coverage for the city’s Metro expansion. In total, Qognify technology will be helping to secure over 273 kilometers of transit lines and 42 stations, by effectively managing output from over 4,000 video cameras.

Tianjin, a metropolis in northern coastal China located near Beijing, is experiencing steady population growth with currently over 15 million inhabitants. In 2015, the Tianjin Transit Group, the body responsible for managing the city’s major Metro construction project, deployed Qognify’s video management solution. Since then, the solution has been a vital part of security management, which enabled the group officials to confidently make the choice to extend the solution to the newly built lines.

“For large-scale metros, managing security in a unified, centralised and robust way is always a big challenge to operators, public security, and government authorities,” said Mr. Song, Director of Construction, Tianjin Transit Group. “With Qognify’s advanced technology and deep transportation industry experience, we’re able to provide passengers a safe and secure environment, and to our employees an easy to access, scalable, and stable system to monitor and manage our entire metro. These capabilities give us confidence to build more metro lines in Tianjin, which will greatly increase the friendliness of the city. We trust Qognify and believe they have the depth of experience we need.”

“There is a unique combination of the right technology and breadth of transportation relevant experience that makes a massive difference to the success of large scale transportation projects such as the Tianjin Metro,” commented Moti Shabtai, President of Qognify. “Tianjin Metro sets an example for public transport organisations and we’re proud to be able to provide the required level of expertise as we solidify our market-leading position in the transportation sector.”


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