Updated video surveillance security solution

Saint-Laurent, Canada

Genetec announces the release of the latest version of its IP video surveillance security solution, Omnicast. Upgrading from Omnicast 4.1 to the new Omnicast 4.2 means that users will benefit from even more cutting-edge capabilities.

Some of the most pertinent additions to the new Omnicast 4.2 include support of Windows Vista for client and server applications as well as a new feature named Hidden Site. The Hidden Site feature allows administrators to give users access to manage only a subset of entities in the system. Therefore, users will be able to focus solely on the entities for which they are responsible, and not be diverted or distracted by others which are out of their mandate. For extensive premises with many users monitoring their own specific set of entities or for facilities requiring heightened security, this feature will become a valuable tool in effectively managing security personnel and procedures. Also, the hidden site feature can be used to hide certain cameras within the Omnicast system, thus making them completely covert.

Additionally, although the previous version of Omnicast already held an extensive list of supported hardware, Omnicast 4.2 is also now capable of supporting even more encoder and camera models from various partners (Canon, Mango DSP, Optelecom-NKF, Phoenix, and new camera models of previously supported manufacturers). Furthermore, cameras with tampering detection are now supported in Omnicast 4.2. When a problem is suspected, a camera tampering event is generated for the concerned camera. This new event can then be used to search for video archives in the Archive Player.

With more advanced features than ever before, Omnicast continues to be selected as the IP video surveillance of choice for businesses located all over the world. Omnicast 4.2 is available in seven languages for all international users including English, French, Czech, Italian, Japanese, and newly added Dutch and Spanish.

"Omnicast has always been developed with revolutionary concepts in mind," claims Francis Lachance, product manager for Omnicast at Genetec. "We are always trying to foresee what users will be able to truly benefit from in their real-life working environment and dedicate our resources to supporting the development of those features. With the newly released Omnicast 4.2, we are confident that all users will embrace the new functionalities and leverage its related benefits."

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