Updated advanced IP access control solution

Saint-Laurent, Canada

Genetec announces the release of the latest version of its IP access control security solution, Synergis. Customers who install Synergis 2.0 can expect to take advantage of numerous new capabilities which will enrich their operators' experience, further enhance reliability, and strengthen their overall security operations.

Some of the significant additions made to Synergis consist of the WebTools thin client, support for NEC's ExpressCluster high-availability solution, advanced custom card formats, custom field grouping and prioritization, enhanced reporting functionality, support for HID clock-and-data and SmartID readers, intuitive credential enrolment using USB readers from RF Ideas, and much more.

The Synergis WebTools client allows users to configure and manage cardholders, credentials, and access privileges, conduct advance reporting, and manage visitors over any remote connection. Deployment and future maintenance is greatly facilitated as it is a true thin client that does not require the download and installation of software at an operator's workstation. Additionally, the WebTools client does not rely on dedicated terminal or presentation servers at the backend, further reducing deployment and maintenance costs.

Support for NEC's ExpressCluster high-availability software will provide customers with a low-cost, high-end failover option to ensure continuous protection against both server hardware and software failures, as well as minimize unplanned downtime for a business critical security application that is access control.

"Our talented engineering team has developed a host of new functionalities based on tangible customer needs that add value to any access control system deployment," says Jimmy Palatsoukas, product manager of Synergis IP Access Control Solution at Genetec. "This new release will certainly benefit our customers as the objectives for the development of these capabilities have been to facilitate the deployment of IP-based access control across an enterprise, reduce maintenance costs through the addition a web-based clients, and improve reliability through our support of NEC high-availability solutions, all the while enhancing their day-to-day security operations."

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