Unique biometrics project for Swiss bank in Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland

As the main contractor, Swiss Interflex AG, a business of the Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies sector, is implementing a biometrics project in Geneva that is one of a kind in the world.

Interflex has delivered what Pictet & Cie Banquiers, one of the renowned Swiss banks, wanted most - the installation of an access control system that operates completely without ID cards, keys or PIN technology to enable secure access for about 1,500 employees to the bank's new building. Eliminating the risk of tokens and keys being lost, stolen or misused, Pictet & Cie Banquiers' system uses only biometric verification methods in a project that combines components supplied by unique specialists. At present, sub-contractors are installing 3D face and iris recognition systems as well as so-called speed gates at the new building. Speed gates are a new type of access gate that provide higher flow rates and more user-friendly access.
In addition, a vehicle access control system identifying vehicles by their license plates is installed at the entrance/ exit points in the parking facility. Combining biometric methods, such as 3D face recognition and iris scan within the security concept, to verify a person's identity, ensures that only authorised persons may enter the bank building through existing entrances and which allow access to the passages that link secure areas inside the building. The speed gates ensure that there is no delay or holdup at the gates during peak times, especially in the morning when most of the 1,500 employees enter the building.
Interflex integrates all these components into a comprehensive security system operating on the IF-6020-Security software solution from Interflex. Thus, biometrics control not only access to the building, but also employee time and attendance records. A4Vision's 80 biometric 3D face recognition readers have been applied to physical access and time and attendance recording.
A4Vision's advanced 3D facial recognition system directs structured, invisible light onto a subject's face to create a facial grid of 40,000 measurable data points. The system performs multiple facial scans and comparisons against a database of stored images and corresponding data, performing accurate identification at sub-second speeds, from which authorised persons are confirmed for access. A4Vision's 3D facial readers secure entrance areas of the bank in combination with other security components of the installation.
Iris recognition, the second solution component that is required for biometric verification is provided by byometric systems AG. A camera captures a live image of the iris and generates an iris-code, which is then compared with a reference image stored in the system database. Access is granted if both images match. The size of the database has no impact on accuracy of recognition within the process of identification. The iris recognition technology is primarily used in high security areas of the bank, such as vaults. Altogether 70 cameras for iris recognition are planned for installation at the new building.
The entrances to sensitive areas of the building are secured with anti-tailgating devices. They provide unmanned and automatic monitoring and management of access to high security areas. These intelligent access locks are controlled by Fastcom's SMACS video analysis system to provide high security access control. The system ensures that only the authorised person enters and is not accompanied by anyone else, while offering greater flexibility and user comfort than classical mechanical solutions. This versatile mantrap control system is widely used to secure banks, datacenters and government agencies.
Recognitec is responsible for the license plate recognition component of the security system design. A video surveillance system provided ensures real-time recording of all vehicles' license plates as they approach or leave the bank's parking lot. The surveillance system monitors both access to parking areas as well as to service delivery areas. The Security Manager enables bundling, operating, controlling and monitoring of all data and video images captured at a central location. The software installed on the host system verifies and authorises identified vehicles, comparing them with reference data stored in the system's databases.
Gunnebo Deutschland GmbH provides the speed gates that open within a split-second to grant access, if an identified person is authorised by. Upon completion of the project, speed gates will be installed on virtually all employee entrances/ exits.
With the realisation of this project that delivers complete access without badges and keys, Pictet & Cie Banquiers are established as pioneers and innovators of security concepts. The implementation of the project furnishes proof that biometric security not only represents adequate solutions for high security applications but is also suited to meet daily access control requirements.

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