Tdsi partners with Ela-Soft

Poole, Dorset (UK) and Berlin, Germany

Tdsi tecnology now integrates with Gemos, a physical security information (PSIM) platform from Ela-Soft. The integration allows access control events to be viewed alongside other security applications on one comprehensive user interface.

Combining more than 750 existing applications, Gemos adv. PSIM layers the physical position of each alert and all system devices onto a site plan. It is able to receive alerts from more than 500,000 data points in one installation, and can identify the exact location of each alarm. The integration with Tdsi will simplify the security management of a site, providing an audit trail of access control events within the PSIM.

Tdsi offers innovative technology, across a comprehensive product range that encompasses access control systems, biometric readers, security management software, IP CCTV video management software. The portfolio can be easily integrated into other security and BMS applications and can be deployed at businesses and organisations of all sizes and types.

Since 1990, Ela-Soft has been developing manufacturer-neutral management systems for security, building and communication technology. Gemos is one the leading security information management system on market with over 750 different proprietary interfaces and over 1,000 installations.

Fedja Vehabovic, Strategic Alliance Manager of Ela-Soft says: “It was a natural progression for us to integrate Tdsi access control software into our Gemos PSIM platform. We both operate in security critical environments where the protection of people and assets is vital. Access control events with Tdsi can now be easily viewed via the Gemos platform, helping us to offer an even better solution to our customers”.

John Davies, Tdsi’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to be working with Ela-Soft to offer customers even greater choice by integrating these powerful systems. This approach means that security operators can design and implement the best combinations of components to suit their requirements and budget. Tdsi’s broad and flexible portfolio of systems offers the perfect selection to complement Gemos and strengthen any security network."


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