Swedish Euronics store protected by Hammerglass

Helsingborg, Sweden

The priority was to create maximum visibility for Euronics products, and so Hammerglass Add-On was the natural choice

Sjunnes Radio and TV shop in Helsingborg in Sweden was established in 1958. Today the store is part of Europe´s largest consumer electronics retail chain – Euronics – by virtue of its membership of the Perfekt Group.

A new location for the Sjunnes Radio trigged the owner to invest in a unique glass product for protection against burglaries.

In November the store was moved from the south area to the city centre. The new and attractive central position encourages active window shopping during the evening and at night. This means not just increased product display opportunities for the store, but also increased risks for burglaries, which made the co-owner Jonas Schön to contact Gallerexperten, a retailer of Hammerglass products. The priority was to create maximum visibility for Euronics products, and so Hammerglass Add-On was the natural choice.

Hammerglass is approved to EN 356 in security classes P7B and P8B, ideally suited to the purpose. Hammerglass Add-On can be fitted to fixed or openable windows as well as to glass- and door sections. The Add-On profile protects and reinforces existing wooden frames, and this in turn reduces maintenance costs to a minimum. The system also provides energy savings and improvements in the U-value, as well as a noise reduction of 30 dBRw. A clever solution prevents condensation. Hammerglass Add-On is recommended by insurance companies as an alternative to anti-theft grilles and roller shutters.

Hammerglass Add-On is installed only by certified installers in order to guarantee the highest quality. The glazing material consists of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm Hammerglass. The glass is fully bonded along the rim, and is fitted with coach bolts to the steel profile for optimum strength. Installation will not compromise the existing architecture.

All Hammerglass panes are laser-marked with a logo and production number for traceability for the purposes of internal quality assurance and security in the event of warranty issues.


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