Surveon releases Enterprise Server NVR

Surveon, the complete megapixel solutions provider, has released it's new generation server NVR series. The enterprise Linux NVR5000 is said to be the industry-first rackmount NVR with a shorter dimension in depth (50 cm/19.7 inches), cableless and redundant design and scalable RAID storage, providing system integrators with the professional solutions to increase efficiency, storage capacity and scalability, while lowering issues of installation, maintenance and integration that potentially could easily go wrong when applying the conventional or commercial-off-the-shelf systems to megapixel surveillance projects.

Designed with friendly usability in mind, the NVR5000 comes with a shorter depth in comparison with the standard rackmount NVR, allowing the system to fit in the common rack for security projects. In addition, its cableless design prevents thermal issues for long-hour non-stop operations. The NVR5000 also offers the swappable CPU module and HDD trays and redundant components such as cooling fans and power supplies to ensure excellent system reliability and easy maintenance.

"Storage management is one of the biggest concerns for SIs in megapixel surveillance. Particularly, those who are with limited IT backgrounds that often encounter the difficulties in storage expansion and unstable performance when deploying the conventional NVR systems,” said Casper Wu, Product Manager of Surveon. Based on the Intel Haswell server platform optimised for power savings and high performance, the NVR5000 supports 16-bay HDDs for data storage and RAID 1, 5, 6 for data protection. The NVR5000 series also supports the SAS expansion port and is expandable up to 210 HDDs locally by simple cable connections, making scalability quite easy without using additional remote storage such as NAS and ISCSI storage.

The new NVR5000 can deliver up to 96 channels of megapixel recording with high throughput and offers greater integration with the built-in VGA, HDMI, DVI, and DI/DO ports. The series also comes with Surveon’s intuitive VMS, providing advanced features including real-time analytics, instant playback, fisheye dewarping, PIP, multiple displays, mobile client, video bookmarking, remote monitoring, centralised domain management and many more. The NVR5000 is ideal for enterprise applications such as banks, hotels, factories, large campuses, public utilities, and government.

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