Suprema unveils IP access control platform

Seoul, Korea

Suprema is launching the Biostar 2, a web-based IP access control platform. Biostar 2 seamlessly integrates Suprema’s award winning biometric technology with an enhanced security solution to offer simplicity, convenience and performance.

Biostar 2 has been designed with a focus on enhancing user experience. All of the functions and features of the system can be used with only a few simple clicks. The system is accessible via web browsers, making the system independent from operating systems or device platforms.

The convenience of the system is driven by a number of automative features throughout installation and maintenance. Automatic device discovery avoids tedious manual data input and detection processes. The feature allows the installer to simply select and configure the device from the list of connected devices within the network. Additionally, all future updates for Biostar 2 will be made available from a cloud-based resource. The optional automatic update feature will ensure that the system is up-to-date with the latest versions of firmware made available.

Biostar 2 is designed to offer uncompromising performance with the ability to handle large system capacities. The system can accommodate up to 1,000 devices. The data transfer to large numbers of devices is processed via Hyper Data Transfer to reduce the system downtime during maintenance. The system also allows unlimited time schedules and advanced user group settings to support complex access control setups.

“Suprema is excited to introduce the next generation access control solution that is fitting for the current technological environment” said Young S. Moon, Vice President of Suprema Inc. “We believe that the current technological environment is progressing in such a dynamic way, that securing flexibility and versatility to the new system was one of the key objectives. The system is developed to be web-friendly using the latest web standards and is not dependent on any specific operating system or client device unlike a number of different solutions in the market. With the newly found versatility, we expect Biostar 2 to serve as a foundation that we develop and expand to satisfy our customers’ growing needs.”


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