Suprema major Biostar 2.1 developer release

Seoul, Korea

Suprema has recently unveiled the Biostar 2.1, a major update to the biometric security platform that was released in Q1 of 2015. The update provides users with new features and developers the tools to develop a unique and ideal solution suitable for various system requirements.

Biostar 2.1 is released along with 4 additional solutions.  'Biostar 2 Mobile', 'Biostar 2 Cloud', 'Biostar 2 API' and 'Biostar 2 Device SDK' are designed to maximize user convenience and expand development potential.

Biostar 2.1 is offered in two editions: Basic and Standard. The Basic edition includes core biometric user management features and basic access control features. The new update to the Basic Edition enhances usability by including support for Biostar 2 Cloud and filtering options in its monitoring functionality. The Standard Edition expands the access control module by introducing advanced access control features such as anti-passback and fire alarm.

The convenience of the system is extended with the 'Biostar 2 Mobile' App that is available for both IOS and Android mobile platforms. Using the built-in 'Biostar 2 Cloud' extension, users can use 'Biostar 2 Mobile' to access a local server remotely and perform a number of operations. The app allows system administrators to perform user-related tasks, receive live notifications, control doors remotely and monitor current system activities on any mobile device.

Development support has also been extended with the introduction of the 'Biostar 2 API'. The 'Biostar 2 API' is a web application programming interface that will allow developers to easily integrate 'Biostar 2 Core' functionalities with 3rd party software. It consists of Restful APIs, which use Json formatted data for requests and responses for easier understanding. The developers can also create new applications or solution using the 'Biostar 2 API' and create a customised solution for customers. The 'Biostar 2 Device SDK' is also available for access to core functionalities built into Suprema devices.

“The release of Biostar 2.1 with its developer support products will extend the power of the Biostar 2 platform” said Young S. Moon, Vice President of Suprema Inc. “We believe that the release of Cloud, API and SDK solutions will provide the tools necessary for developers to integrate powerful Suprema technology into other software solutions. After we have initially released our 'Biostar 2 platform', the 2.1 release is a clear evolution of Biostar, establishing itself as a platform. Biostar 2 Mobile developed with our API is a good example of the versatility the system provides, and a promise of many great things to come.”


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