Suprema deployed for unique anti-smuggling project

Suprema technology is soon to be used to provide an innovative fingerprint solution to the Venezuelan government for the purposes of identifying authorised customers at supermarkets and pharmacies.

The Venezuelan government has prepared a robust system and procedure to combat the nation’s staple shortages and smuggling to Colombia. For this purpose, the government decided to enforce a mandatory fingerprint system to stop people from buying too much of a single item.

Thousands of Suprema Biomini fingerprint solutions, including Biomini Slim, have been ordered by the government thus far for supermarkets and pharmacies near the Colombian border, and the project is expected to grow nationwide next year, following the initial results.

According to Bioidentidad, leading the project as a local partner of Suprema in Venezuela, Suprema’s Biomini products were selected as they were evaluated as being high quality fingerprint capture devices, which are FBI Certified (FBI PIV/FIPs 201 and FBI Mobile ID FAP20), plus they include LFD (live finger detection) technology, and are IP65-rated for high endurance in ambient conditions.

"This project is noteworthy because it is a unique and new application for fingerprint solutions in preventing crime beyond the ordinary purpose of identification, and it will be an excellent reference for other customers,” said Young S. Moon, Vice President of Suprema Inc.

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