Simplification of European certification process

Brussels, Belgium

Certalarm, an organisation offering a pan-European quality mark in the fire protection and security systems industry, has launched a new Online Quoting Platform.

With a variety of national marks in Europe, manufacturers are forced to prove compliance by having their product re-tested and re-certified by local test and certification bodies – a highly expensive and time-consuming process that needs to be repeated in each country. With Certalarm, fire and security products need to be tested and certified only once.

Manufacturers who wish to get their security or fire product or system tested and certified to gain access to European markets can now easily obtain multiple quotes by filling out Certalarm’s project information sheet via the new Online Quoting Platform just once. As a result they will obtain quotations from all or selected Certalarm partners, all of which are experienced and accredited Certification Bodies and Test Laboratories.

As a logged in user, the manufacturer and his Certalarm contacts are the only persons who have access to the confidential information relating to the project. The platform is secured by an SSL-encrypted transfer, a service provided by 1&1 IONOS SE, which ensures the highest possible protection of the sensitive data. Once all offers have been provided, the manufacturer can easily compare them, consult with Certalarm’s partners for further clarifications and finally make his choice.

Users of the new platform will also receive a one-time bonus valid until 31.03.2021 (date on which the order is placed). “We grant every new manufacturer who asks for a quote via our new Online Quoting Platform a free listing for four years for their first Certalarm certified product”, says Anja Kinsky, General Manager of Certalarm. “Already registered manufacturers get the same bonus for their first certificate they received based on the usage of our new platform, provided they do not possess any transfer certificates”, she adds.

Certalarm is an independent, “not for profit” organisation started in 2010 in order to advance a pan-European “one-stop testing and certification” process in the fire protection and security systems industry. Currently, products and systems undergo multiple tests and certifications when companies want to trade in certain European states. The time and costs are immense and result in unnecessarily high product costs which hinders product innovation, slows market introduction and stifles competition.

In contrast, Certalarm offers a unique European quality mark based on third-party, one-stop testing and certification to EN 54 fire standards and EN 5013X security standards. The members of Certalarm decided for scheme type 5 certification: the quality the market is asking for. Scheme type 5 is an assessment system that combines factory inspection, quality management review, product testing and ongoing surveillance in one package. These requirements make scheme type 5 and thus Certalarm the most rigorous EU-wide scheme in the market.


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