Self-configured smart Ethernet switches from OT Systems

Hong Kong, China

OT Systems is introducing its new comprehensive ET Series of self-configured Ethernet switches and IET Series smart Ethernet switches. Both of these product lines are designed with simple installation and easy-to-use interface in mind, and will perform pre-defined Layer 2 network traffic management functions with a single click. No need for PC configuration.

Both the self-configured and smart Ethernet switch series support high power PoE (30W max.) and are capable of supporting power hungry devices such as PTZ IP cameras. The switches also support broadcast storm control (reduce to 1%) to ensure that there is no interruption in case any unwanted broadcast/multicast/unknown data flooding is experienced. This helps to increase network stability.

The ET Series of self-configured switches supports IGMP with one-click set up to greatly reduce the network bandwidth required. It allows a network device to send data to multiple network devices at the same time. It also enables bandwidth hungry IP surveillance system to ultilise multicasting for data transmission between the cameras and video management system, saving significant network bandwidth.

The IET Series of smart Ethernet switches supports QoS to ensure that critical data can always be delivered in real time. It utilises the traffic’s p-bit in the VLAN in 4 to 8 queues for traffic management. Since the queues use strict priority (SPQ), the low priority queue can transmit data only when the high priority data queue has been transmitted and cleared. This ensures that important data, such as voice and video, can always pass through the switch in a congested data environment.

With the above sophisticated features, these self-configured and smart Ethernet switch series provide an affordable solution for IP surveillance and industrial applications that require simple network management.


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