Seetec releases Cayuga R5

Bruchsal, Germany

As of December 12th 2014, the new Seetec Cayuga release R5 is available complete with various interesting innovations that form part of the new package.

According to Seetec an improved performance can be clearly seen on client side.  As a result the processing times for starting the client, visualising views or switching to archive mode could be reduced by up to two thirds. In addition, a new tool speeds up the installation and configuration of Seetec Cayuga R5 systems. The newly developed Device Finder searches and detects all IP cameras and video encoders available on the network – automatically and across all manufacturers.

Furthermore in Seetec Cayuga R5 the Update Server has been overhauled, making the management of existing systems much easier: If a Seetec Cayuga server is connected to the internet, the Update Server can automatically download, deliver and install patches and updates for the Seetec software. Thus the system is always up to date and errors caused by the manual installation of updates are avoided. For customers who need a system language, which is not yet available in Seetec Cayuga, R5 provides new options to facilitate the system use. A new localisation interface makes it possible to export existing system language sets and to import the user's own localisation files.

Seetec Cayuga R5 also provides additional benefits for banks and customers in the public sector: To comply with IT security requirements in these markets, the security standard, which has already been very high in all Seetec software versions, has been further optimised. Thus the reliable encryption of the communication between client and server has been improved. Furthermore also the data transmission between Mobile/Web Client and the Seetec server as well as data exports are now also secured using SSL certificates and 3DES.

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