08/06/2017 has changed name to

Stockholm, Sweden

The official launch of the new brand will take place in London at the annual Ifsec exhibition, 20th-22nd June 2017

The security trade publication has been one of the most important online security industry information sources since it inception in 1998. Prior to the forthcoming international security exhibition Ifsec in London, June 20-22, the website has changed name to

"The name change has been going on behind the scenes for many years, and now it has finally come to fruition" comments Lennart Alexandrie, CEO of AR Media International.

AR Media International introduced in 1998 - the first commercial online-based media with daily security industry news. In 2005, the UK Independent Market Research Company, IMS Research (now part of the IHS), conducted a poll among security professionals about their views on security trade publications. The outcome was published in a report where was ranked number one, both as the most well known brand and the most regularly used online security trade media in the EMEA market as well as the Nordic markets.

"Our brand was boosted by that ranking and so at that time it was not the right moment to rename the website. Now twelve years have elapsed and we are still clearly in the international top layer of online media media with stable traffic. It feels completely right to rename now," states Lennart Alexandrie.

Google will like

The background to the rebranding is that was no longer an optimal name.

"When we launched the web page, the Internet was relatively new and we saw it as a "home "for security companies that wanted to share information. Sounds crazy now, but then it was relevant to us. It was another time. Google did not even exist in those days”, says Lennart Alexandrie and explains that Google was one of the main reasons for the change in branding.

” has become a strong brand after many years of success but it was not so well suited to Google search engine criteria because the word ’hotel’ does not correspond to the content of the website.

”, on the other hand, is perfect. The content is really about the security market from a global perspective, and it is also offers news reports from national local markets”, says Lennart Alexandrie.

Ifsec launch

When AR Media International exhibits at this year's major security event Ifsec in London, the focus will be on

"In addition to the name change, we have added some new features, especially when it comes to advertiser opportunities for content marketing. It will be exciting to see the response from both users and advertisers from all over the world during the three days at Ifsec." Concludes Lennart Alexandrie.

41,000 visits a month, now renamed to, reports an average monthly traffic of 40,947 visits – based on Google Analytics data for the first quarter of the year.


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