QNAP QVR 5.0.3 features Qstart and Canon compatibility

QNAP Security has recently released the new QVR 5.0.3 firmware for the Viostor NVR, which features Qstart for easy system setup, includes a GNU Bash security patch update, and is compatible with six new Canon IP cameras.

"To solve the challenge of complex network settings that many traditional CCTV users encounter when transferring to using NVR systems, Qstart allows auto configuration, auto port detection and comprehensive switch control for easy management,” said Joe Jen, senior product marketing manager of QNAP Security.

Qstart simplifies system initialisation and network switch control for users to experience effortless NVR installation and remote maintenance. While providing quick initial setting in few clicks, Qstart integrates major functions of PoE switches and can set up camera IPs automatically. Users can easily manage PoE or network on/off and monitor devices status and network traffic flow. Its intuitive GUI and event notification allow for precise failure detection and efficient troubleshooting.

QVR 5.0.3 further fixes the GNU Bash environment variable command injection vulnerability (also known as "Shellshock”) CVE-2014-6277, CVE-2014-6278, CVE-2014-7186 and CVE-2014-7187, though they do not see direct impact to the Viostor NVR system.

Qstart is available for the Viostor NVR models with specific switch brands and models of VS-6120 Pro+, VS-6116 Pro+, VS-6112 Pro+, VS-4116 Pro, VS-4112 Pro, VS-4108 Pro+, VS-2112 Pro+, VS-2108 Pro+, and VS-2104 Pro+.

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