QNAP & Zyxel provide smart IP solution

QNAP Security has partnered with Zyxel Communications to deliver a smart IP surveillance network that combines the company's Viostor NVR solutions with Zyxel’s Smart Connect technology. At the Zyxel One Network launch seminar this October, QNAP Security demonstrated the new Qstart function (which simplifies system initialisation and network switch control) to nearly 300 visitors, providing them with a brand new experience in surveillance applications.

Zyxel Communications was founded in 1989 and celebrated its 25th anniversary this year.  This company is specialised in providing advanced IP-based networking solutions for customers worldwide. The fully integrated ‘One’ architecture, powered with ‘Access’, ‘Connect’, and ‘Network’ technologies, allows telecommunications operators, internet service and content providers as well as distributors and resellers to enable seamless internet connectivity for business and home customers with high satisfaction in terms of bandwidth performance and digital applications quality.

This partnership allows QNAP Security to integrate Zyxel’s One Network architecture (with Smart Connection technology) into the features of the Viostor NVR and to introduce the Qstart function that can assist surveillance administrators in easily configuring and managing their NVR systems and network devices.

"We are glad to be working alongside Zyxel to enable inter-device intelligence between the Viostor NVR and Zyxel intelligent switches," said Joe Jen, senior product manager of QNAP. "This partnership is critical in fulfilling time-saving system installation, maintenance and for providing a better user experience, thus greatly increasing the operational efficiency of our users.”

Qstart simplifies system initialisation and network switch control for users to experience effortless NVR installation and remote maintenance. While providing quick initial settings within a few clicks, Qstart incorporates the key benefits of Zyxel PoE switches and can automatically set up camera IPs. Users can easily manage PoE or network on/off and monitor devices status and network traffic flow. Its intuitive GUI and event notifications allow for precise failure detection and efficient troubleshooting.

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