Qihan Diamond series sparkles in Paris

At the recent Expoprotection show in Paris in November, Qihan displayed a wide range of products and solutions, including their latest “Diamond ” HD cameras, AHD analogue HD products, high speed domes, the HD-SDI 2.0 coaxial HD solution and other solutions with the latest security technology.

At Expoprotection, Qihan launched the "Diamond” series of network cameras with high definition and superb imaging quality. Named after the high quality of a diamond, these IP cameras provide clients with a high quality intelligent monitoring visual experience, abundant colours and high definition, they are designed with sophisticated product processing, superior image processing capabilities and compatibility.

The Qihan "Diamond” series of HD network camera adopts the latest Grain Media master chip designed to work with most professional security image sensors on the market and to generate clear images in resolutions of 720P, 960P, 1080P and 4K comprehensively. The series or HD network cameras supports standard H. 264 high profile 4.0 compression technology that features higher compression ratio, higher accuracy, and stable flow control. The Diamond-series cameras are compliant with ONVIF 2.4 technology and standards that greatly improve the compatibility performance and fully support PoE, Wifi, 3G network connectivity. Since being launched on to the global market, the Diamond series has won a good deal of immediate positive response worldwide according to Qihan. 

Further, Qihan’s brand-new HDFDI(i.e. HD-SDI 2.0) supports HD real time surveillance in over 2 megapixel resolution and transmits HD video signals over long distances similar to analogue transmission in the past.  As the series employs reliable power supply technology, the HDFDI system performs intelligently, with stability, and is easy to use.  The system includes HDFDI HD cameras and HDFDI HD digital video recorder, which are designed with Qihan’s in-house-developed ISP technology, HDFDI (High Definition Flexible Digital Interface) technology and fully upgrades based on the 1st generation HD-SDI HD digital surveillance system. It offers powerful functions of POC, COC, AOC, motor-driven lens control and so on. The system significantly improves the integration and transmission of HD video, audio and control technology so that it can be widely used in more intelligent HD security video surveillance equipment fields.  Based on the 2nd generation of HD-SDI technology and system design architecture, the HDFDI system features higher system compatibility, higher efficiency, and yet at lower cost; these characteristics make the HDFDI system the most cost-effective solution with a pleasant user-experience for end-users.

According to the company, the latest security surveillance products and solutions that Qihan presented at Expoprotection were received well at the show and won positive recognition from Qihan's clients and the show visitors.

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