Protect introduces IP to fog security

Viby J, Denmark

Protect is now introducing IP-technology to the fog security industry, by making it possible to hook up to the fog cannon remotely from the internet.

This new IP addition allows for the prevention of wasted service calls and cuts service costs in general for both the installation companies and the clients. Additional benefits include many other remote functions such as monitoring and analysing working state and fault conditions, debugging, service checks, firing of the fog, setup and control of the fog cannon, and of course remote software updates, and access to substantial volumes of data for the fog cannon in both real-time and legacy existing data.

With several fog cannons in one installation Protect recommends the control unit Intellibox IP. Through the remote control of the Intellibox IP it is now possible to take full control of the whole fog cannon installation - as if you were standing next to it.

In addition the Multicard add on expansion board is for multi-purpose use in all Protect models.  For example you can expand the fog cannon with 9 independent outputs making it possible to separate signaling of various fault conditions. This saves time and money as the control centre can identify the exact fault before ordering a service call.

The Multicard also has a special "panic" functionality used with a push-button against robberies and assault situations. Using fog security in the opening hours has become the new "weapon" to secure and protect personnel, customers, goods and turnover.

Additional Multicard-advantages include a remote switch for service situations which is able to eliminate the risk of unintended release of fog.  There is also a push-button for easy and fast blocking of fog while safely powering down the alarm system before service, and a further push-button for testing and priming the pump of the fog cannon.  There is also a USB-connector in case a change of software is needed.

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