Prosero kicks off 2020 with three Nordic acquisitions

Stockholm, Sweden, Helsinki, Finland and Oslo, Norway

Prosero Security Groups MD, Mikael Norlander leads his company's expansion through the Nordic region

Prosero Security Group AB is moving into the Finnish market with the acquisition of Arvolukko Oy, a security company with 65 employees. At the same time, Sweden's only purely digital locksmith, Samuelsson & Partner AB has become a part of the Prosero family, as well as the Norwegian company Aker Lås og Nøkkel AS.

Prosero Security Group has a strong local anchoring with 49 locations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, 700 employees and a turnover of SEK 1.5 billion. Since it was founded just over two years ago, Prosero has expanded into one of the leading Nordic security players.

"Samuelsson & Partner reinforces our leading position in digital locks and access control systems, and with Aker Lås we have also strengthened our position in Norway in general as well as in the growing Oslo region specifically”, remarks Mikael Norlander, CEO of Prosero.

Arvolukko OY with its 65 employees is based in Helsinki and is one of the foremost leaders in Finland in digital locks. With a turnover of slightly more than EUR 13 million, the company is at the forefront of developments in the lock industry in the Finnish capital city region.

”Arvolukko will continue to operate in the same way as we have done for the past 35 years, but now with support from a powerful Nordic company. As a part of Prosero, we now have the possibility to further develop our company, especially in access control systems where Prosero contributes in-depth competence”, states Jari Piiroinen, CEO of Arvolukko Oy.

Mikael Norlander emphasises that Arvolukko's strong company culture and substantial potential fit in well with the Prosero family: ”We are entering yet another Nordic country and are solidifying our position in the market. Arvolukko is the natural choice for our entry into Finland – they have an incredibly strong position in the Helsinki region, especially in digital locks, as well as an intense customer-oriented emphasis, constituting excellent preconditions for further growth.”

Samuelsson & Partner was founded in 2014 with the goal of leading the digital lock revolution in Sweden. Today, the company is an expert in digital lock systems and, as proof of this, has for a number of years been named as the largest reseller in Sweden for Iloq. Samuelsson & Partner owns and administrates the Digital Låssmed trademark [Digital Locksmith], a concept designed to stand for quality, competence and service.

”We have substantial ambitions and have been seeking a partner for some time who believes in us and our business concept. This is in order to gain the strength and security that is needed to continue to grow to our full potential. Prosero's philosophy, of having locally strong companies that work together in order to be able to offer the market a broad and high level of competence covering all areas involving security, felt like it was absolutely the right one for us. We now have still greater possibilities to grow and continue to offer our customers the best competence and highest level of service in digital lock technology”, remarks Petter Samuelsson, CEO of Samuelsson & Partner.

Aker Lås reinforces Prosero's position in the growing Oslo region. It is a well-managed company that has a history in mechanical security, but which is growing rapidly today in electronic and digital security. ”Aker Lås og Nøkkel is pleased to become a part of Prosero. It will strengthen our market position and help us to continue to develop. We look forward to being a part of a large group with which we can share our knowledge and experience. This will create synergies for further ventures and expansion”, remarks Aker's founder and CEO Marianne Aker.

The previous owners of the three companies have now become part-owners of Prosero.


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