Pelco presents 2019 new product insights at Intersec

Fresno, Ca (USA) and Dubai, U.A.E

As part of its presentation at the forthcoming Intersec show in Dubai, Pelco will share a glimpse into a few soon-to-be released products and focus on how new technologies such as increased camera resolutions, cloud services, and analytics are shaping the future.

Pelco will also feature significant updates to its Videoxpert video management system (VMS) platform, and the GFC Professional 4K camera, along with other new products like the award-winning Esprit Enhanced camera, with options for white and IR combination illumination.

Recognising that Pelco VMS and cameras are broadly deployed across a wide range of vertical market applications and trusted by some of the most demanding customers in the world, Pelco will be showcasing multiple vertical market examples including hospitality/commercial, education/correction, oil & gas, city, traffic, and airports.

As technology continues to evolve, organisations face a multitude of challenges that require new solutions. Pelco will share how its products, services, and solutions are incorporating cyber security, higher resolution, compression, cloud, and analytics into its portfolio of Videospert VMS, cameras, and professional services to deliver compelling, operationally successful deployments.

Pelco will detail how its newly launched Professional Services provide a high level of support for both integrators and end users. By leveraging these services, customers and channel partners can gain access to a team of trained and certified professionals to assist with network and system design. They can also help customers with configuration, auditing, and onsite issue troubleshooting.

In addition to the newly-released GFC Professional Pro 4k camera, nearly twenty other Pelco products, solutions, and services will be showcased during Intersec 2019. Among them are the Pelco Camera Link, Exsite Enhanced cameras (explosion-proof), Optera cameras (seamless panoramic view), Esprit Enhanced cameras (high-resolution PTZ), and the IBD cameras (corner mount).

Pelco’s Director of Segment Marketing, Stuart Rawling will be participating in a post-lunch panel discussion on January 20, the group will focus on the seamless integration of innovative security systems with traditional infrastructure followed with a presentation on January 21 about how to organise the data chaos and how connected devices impact the world.


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