Optex wins innovation award

Maidenhead, Berkshire (UK)

The Optex RLS 2020S recently won an award at Benchmark magazines Innovation Awards 2017 in the site protection, hardware category.

Optex have offered laser detection in the form of its Redscan products for some years. Previously many laser detectors were costly and bulky, making them suitable only for high risk industrial applications. The RLS-2020S laser detector, however, makes the technology more accessible for mainstream applications, delivers a small and discreet cost-effective option and also provides an enhanced level of performance in terms of catch performance and reliability.

The RLS-2020S can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications, giving it a good degree of flexibility with regard to system design. It delivers a 20 x 20 metre detection range and allows a number of set-up configurations to provide highly accurate sensing which can be adjusted to suit a variety of site needs, including many that traditional sensors would struggle with.

Because laser-based sensors can accurately detect objects and map them using X and Y coordinates, people or objects detected passing through the protected area can trigger linked PTZ-enabled cameras which can not only pinpoint the intruders but can also track them in real-time across detection zones.

Laser sensors are very accurate, and when deployed in internal spaces, objects as small as 2cm can be detected by the RLS-2020S. Additionally, thrown objects can also be sensed, making it ideal for a wider range of high security applications.

The sensor features an enhanced microprocessor that provides powerful detection capabilities. Designed to integrate with a wide range of security or safety systems, the fully customisable detection area has a high degree of flexibility and can be used to create virtual walls or panes of detection. It can also be deployed to protect perimeters, flat roofs, skylights, etc..

The sensor is PoE compliant, and can send alarms via traditional relay outputs or by using its IP-based Redwall event code that is integrated with all of the major VMS platforms.

The RLS-2020S has a number of environmental resistance features to minimise false alarms which might be caused by hostile weather conditions. In external applications a mounting height of four metres or more is recommended; this falls to two metres when used indoors.

The sensor can be configured for vertical and horizontal detection modes, with four adjustable detection areas when the detector is used with an IP-based connection. Three outputs can be assigned, with selectable anti-rotation, anti-masking, soiling, trouble, tamper or DQ (environmental disqualification circuit) outputs.


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