Nuclear site equipped with advanced perimeter protection

Fleurus, Belgium

A modern security perimeter and video analysis solution was required at IRE to ensure optimum security for its facilities and to that end, IP cameras from Axis, with an advanced management and recording system from Genetec and video content analysis from Acic were installed. The new system had to allow security personnel to monitor and analyse access control and intrusion alarms.
IRE or, The Institute of Radioactive Elements, is a leading global producer of radioactive elements used in nuclear medicine, whose primary mission is to contribute to public health and environmental protection. IRE applies very strict safety rules and quality standards, making high-end perimeter protection a necessity.

Throughout this perimeter protection project, each part of the system complements the other parts, creating a very advanced security solution. The combination of high quality cameras, integrated with access control and a high performance intelligent video surveillance system led to a significant reduction in false alarms and security incidents, compared to the previous system.

Performance evaluations were conducted over a period of several months, confirming Acic’s performance commitment of less than one false alarm per camera per week. Visiting American experts have congratulated the Institute’s management team on the quality of the implemented security measures. They stated that the IRE meets – and in many cases even exceeds – international requirements in terms of physical protection.

"We are very pleased with the video content analysis technologies selected, dedicated to perimeter protection. Deployment by Digital and Acic went exceedingly well, and we achieved extremely high performance results, as required in the RFP. " says project manager Mr Philippe De Clerck, consultant at Robrechts & Thienpont.

Axis cameras were installed both inside and outside various buildings. Outdoor cameras have been positioned throughout the entire site perimeter. They consist of fixed thermal cameras and mobile, visible domes equipped with infrared lenses to also ensure proper operation at night, even in harsh weather conditions. Securing the site has a dual purpose: both pre-generation of alarms when a vehicle stops outside the gates, and generation of alarms in case of site-intrusion. Video streams from thermal cameras are analysed by Acic’s VCA solution, and mobile domes are used for verification of alarms generated, by auto-focusing on detection zones. To support alarm verification, VCA detection information is superimposed on camera images in the VMS, thus allowing quick interpretation of the detection source.

Jean-François Delaigle, CEO of Acic commented: “In this project we were strong thanks to the excellent partnership with Genetec and Axis. Together, our products give one of the best video-based perimeter protection solutions on the market. We continuously invest in the collaboration with technology partners, and we have just recently released the most complete ACAP security application for Axis cameras ”

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