Nexcom intelligent digital security for city surveillance

Taipei, Taiwan

For the growing demands in traffic and city surveillance, Nexcom in alliance with Milestone has recently launched its latest megapixel IP surveillance system with advanced features to market.
The Nexcom NCb series IP cameras in the solution are upto 2-megapixel resolution at 30fps with special features that are ideal for city surveillance. The NCb series IP box type cameras include the NCb-221 which features ultra-low light, while the NCb-231 supports LPR (License Plate Recognition).

As the video analytic features are supported by Milestone software, the Nexcom solution provides crowd detection and left object detection functions. If the unit detects an unusually large assembly of people, then the crowd detection feature will trigger the camera or cameras to capture the image in case there are any unexpected incidents. If an object is left unattended within the range of vigilant footage, then the solution will automatically detect the left object and give warning in case of it being an explosive device, for examle.

If the Nexcom solution is being used with the LPR function, then the License Plate Recognition feature will help the law enforcement officers to identify license plates. Nexcom can provide additional IVS features, such as car counting; with this function, the solution will count the vehicle flow and transfer the information back to its central management software (CMS) for data analytics.

The Nexcom CMS, is powered by Milestone Systems, and is therefore able to perform all the system functions and support 4 - 6 multiple monitors for a central management video wall application. With its industrial-grade hardware-platform NVR, the Nexcom solution has a wide range operating temperature and large capacity for video storage making it suitable to flexibly fit in to all kinds of applications and environments in City Surveillance projects.

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