New Wavestore release for New Year

London, UK

Version 6 of Wavestore VMS with its Ecostore hard drive management technology will be released early in the New Year.

The Wavestore team confirm that the new software design promises to reduce power consumption significantly, by spinning down hard drives not in read or write modes. Wavestore's proprietary data storage system has been engineered as a very robust and fault tolerant design able to support multiple data volumes with up to 64 Petabytes per volume, each with up to 64 trillion images in each volume.

Ecostore, is configurable to support linear write, mirroring or RAID options together with redundancy and/or failover, and is applicable to any size of system.  Advantages of the this mean that inactive drives can be spun down, reducing their continuous stand-by power consumption to just 1 Watt per drive, power consumption and air conditioning demands are reduced, and the hard drive longevity is enhanced.   In addition there is tight integration with the Wavestore VMS for efficient data storage and retrieval, there is automatic control of individual drives or arrays of drives, and specific data tracks and video images can be retained for user defined periods.  Users are also able to lock time/date ranges to prevent data deletion.

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