New Axis camera with 1/2 inch sensor

Lund, Sweden

Axis is introducing a new fixed network camera with a 1/2 inch sensor, designed for city surveillance applications. Thanks to its large sensor and the supplied lens, Axis Q1635 is Axis' most light sensitive 1080p HDTV network camera to date. Featuring improved near infrared (IR) sensitivity, in a range where the human eye cannot see, the camera delivers extremely high-quality black and white images in situations with very little or diminishing visible light – delivering video with less motion blur and low bandwidth consumption.

The camera’s advanced features for optimising image quality also include wide dynamic range - forensic capture, Axis lightfinder technology, electronic image stabilisation, shock detection and defogging, as well as 50/60 frames per second in HDTV 1080p resolution.

"City surveillance requires high quality images that enable the identification of people and objects,” explains Erik Frännlid, Director of Product Management, Axis Communications. "Axis Q1635 is ideal for monitoring public places such as squares, parks, streets and alleys, maintaining extremely high image quality in very complex light scenarios during day time and low-light during night time.”

Thanks to wide dynamic range - forensic capture, the new camera provides a high level of detail, visible in both dark and bright areas. The camera is enabled to seamlessly transition between WDR and lightfinder mode, which further optimises image quality. The Axis Q1635 is equipped with all the features of Axis Q1615, with an additional defog functionality to further improve image quality in tough weather conditions.

Axis Q1635 is an indoor model that is available with or without a lens. Installers looking for additional lens options in favour of a larger sensor may refer to the Axis Q1615. It can be installed outdoors when placed in Axis T93F housing series or in another suitable outdoor housing.

The Axis Q1635 camera is supported by a large base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner Program, and Axis Camera Station. The camera includes support for Axis Camera Companion, Axis Camera Application Platform, Axis Video Hosting System and ONVIF for easy camera system integration and for application developers to provide the camera with intelligent capabilities.

The Axis Q1635 is planned to be available in January 2015 through Axis’ distribution channels.

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