Motorola launches Avigilon E-commerce platform

Chicago, Il (USA)

Motorola Solutions has introduced the new Avigilon E-commerce platform and partner community. These systems enable Avigilon partners to streamline their ordering processes and gain greater visibility into the status of their purchasing transactions.

The E-commerce site introduces a number of new capabilities and benefits, including a streamlined order and fulfillment experience, the ability to view accounts and shipping information and live-chat support. In addition, partners are able to gain increased visibility into important updates around pricing changes, discount requests, warranty return processing, order fulfillment milestones and technical support cases.

“By empowering them with insights on their transaction status and providing them with a streamlined buying process, the new platforms will provide our partners with a superior purchasing experience,” said John Kedzierski, senior vice president, Video Security & Analytics at Motorola Solutions. “For example, ordering through the E-commerce site confirms that all information and credit limits required to fulfil an order are captured before an order is submitted. The digital platform is able to reduce the chances of errors taking place due to data entry or scanning, and represents a streamlined process for placing orders.”

Registered partners are able to access the Partner Community and can navigate to the E-commerce store from the community.


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