Lidar technology aids a safe return to work

Sunnvale, Ca (USA)

Quanergy is working with partners to deploy its Flow Management Platform, designed to accurately measures the location of and distance between people.

Quanergy Systems, Inc. has expanded its Flow Management Platform to support solutions that enforce social distancing, regarded by medical experts as one of the most impactful strategies to halt the spread of COVID-19. These solutions will assist businesses and public entities around the world in returning to work while keeping people safe.

Quanergy’s Flow Management Platform, which combines its state-of-the-art 3D Lidar sensors with its AI-powered Qortex Perception Software, enables the development of sophisticated social distancing solutions to anonymously and accurately track and analyse the flow of people in real time within retail locations, airports, public venues, commercial and government buildings, and industrial warehouses.

Lidar uses light to locate and identify objects with a high degree of accuracy in any lighting conditions. Quanergy’s Qortex Perception Software uses Lidar data to identify and track individuals throughout an environment without compromising or storing any personal privacy information, unlike camera-based systems. It also does not require user opt-in or the sharing of personal data, thus providing a far more effective social distancing solution than alternatives.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing directives, Quanergy is working with partners to deploy its Flow Management Platform, designed to accurately measure the location of and distance between people, as well as the number of people in a given location to prevent overcrowding. When the distance between individuals is less than the allowed social distance, or the number of people in an area exceeds a given limit, an alert is issued and personnel may be dispatched. When combined with technology such as thermal cameras, the platform identifies individuals with high-body temperatures, helping curb the spread of the virus. Quanergy’s Flow Management Platform also accurately counts people entering and exiting common areas, such as conference rooms, to maintain the desired density of people.

“In order for communities and cities to re-open and for the public to feel safe re-entering society, there must be a way to responsibly enforce social distancing,” said Dr. Kevin J. Kennedy, Chairman and CEO of Quanergy. “We believe Lidar can play a key role in accelerating our return to work and restarting our economy. Quanergy is working closely with our current and new global partners to deploy solutions to instill confidence for businesses and the public in returning to our lives outside our homes.”


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