KBC Thrulink for secure video

Maidstone, Kent (UK)

Thrulink from KBC Networks is an encrypted VPN (virtual private network) device that allows you to send any type of Ethernet signal over a public network through the internet, over 3G/4G or any type of WAN keeping the video secure from camera to control room.

Thrulink sets up a secure channel and it supports AES, Blowfish and Camellia up to 256bit.  It has been designed to be straightforward to install and maintain. It does not need a fixed IP address and it is available as an embedded 3G/4G unit for secure, mobile, surveillance applications.

Thrulink is designed for mobile and fixed applications and with applications that range from single, mobile cameras to large-scale surveillance networks, Thrulink is now available in more formats: standard, standard plus, high capacity and high capacity plus, and includes embedded 3G/4G versions.

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