Jail facility selects Geovision fisheye

Newton County Sheriff’s Office is a medium and high security detention centre, located in Covington, Georgia, USA. The facility has an inmate capacity of 660 adults and full-time staff of 250 members. Jail facilities encounter a number of security challenges which include liability risk, inmate and staff safety, prevention of escapes and rebellion, and entry control.

To promote greater security and maximize the budget of the detention centre, more than 200 Geovision IP cameras are installed, the majority of which are Geovision 360-degree fisheye IP cameras to monitor in detail all angles of a location with just one camera. Composed exclusively of Geovision IP camera line, the following models were installed for internal and external environments: GV-FE2301, GV-VD V3, and GV-Pan/Tilt IP camera. To monitor the videos, a main control room is stationed to receive video feeds from all of the cameras from the 8 jail pods of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. To ensure maximum security, every entryway is monitored and a bell must be rung to seek permission to enter from the security personnel monitoring the door.

The primary benefits are maximizing the area of effective surveillance per camera, centralisation of video control of the county jail security system, optimising the productivity of the security guards by minimizing false alarms, real-time control of detention centre, high quality 2-way audio for off-site communication, and enabling effective prevention in relation to escapes and rebellious activities.

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