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Honeywell adds two infrared (IR) cameras to its Integral-IR Illuminated Camera range that have been designed for maximum performance in both day and night time.

The HD4DIRX mini dome and HCD95534X bullet cameras capture clear, high-resolution images even in absolute darkness, employ the latest noise reduction technology and are enclosed in vandal-resistant housings. Both products meet the recurring requirements of commercial security equipment installers and address the needs of surveillance professionals.

The HD4DIRX mini dome and HCD95534X bullet cameras provide high quality video 24/7 for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Both incorporate Digital Noise Reduction technology which increases motion detection performance and results in longer recording durations on digital and network video recorders. Meanwhile, Digital Slow Shutter technology allows the electronic shutter to remain open for longer than usual in order to allow more light in for a brighter, clearer picture without compromising image quality. Both also use IR-corrected aspherical wide angle lenses which eliminate edge distortion and ensure there is no focus shift when the camera switches from colour to black and white. They are protected by a three year warranty. Offering a complete package, installers can standardise on these cameras for many different applications, reducing training requirements, speeding up installation and making them cost effective to stock.

"These new cameras offer three key features that surveillance and installation professionals are asking for: exceptional day/night vision, rugged protection and efficient installation," said Chris Koetsier, global video systems product director, Honeywell Systems Group. "The models are easy to install and will allow security professionals to do their jobs with far greater accuracy than before, whether at midday or at midnight."

The HD4DIRX incorporates a 3.3-12 mm VFAI IR-corrected aspherical lens and is ideal for applications requiring 540 TVL. The camera uses 18 Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and an optical lens shield to deliver 19 metres of evenly distributed night vision. Meanwhile, an optically-corrected polycarbonate dome with liner provides even light distribution and high discretion without light loss. The HD4DIRX comes fully assembled and can be mounted easily to a ceiling, wall or electrical box.

The HCD95534X incorporates a 5 - 50mm IR corrected aspherical Vari-focal Auto Iris lens and is suitable for applications requiring 530 TVL. It has been designed first and foremost to allow security professionals to see clearly at night. When ambient light drops below a user-defined threshold, the HCD95534X's integral IR LEDs create enough light to view an area up to 47 metres away. In addition, the camera incorporates Honeywell's patent-pending anti-fogging lens technology.

The HCD95534X has been designed with the busy professional security installer in mind. The zoom and focus of the lens can be adjusted without having to open the housing - simply by tuning external screw gears. Additionally, a bottom-mounted porthole provides access to the on-screen display menu, the day/night threshold settings and spot monitor output. The HCD95534X can be fitted in minutes to a wall or ceiling, and a 4S adapter plate allows quick installation over an electrical box.

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