IR 9000 UHF reader family for vehicle identification

Oulo, Finland

Idesco's IR 9000 readers are passive long-distance RFID readers, which operate according to the European UHF (ultra high frequency) regulations. The readers enable usage of passive long-distance RFID technology in applications like automated vehicle identification (AVI), logistic systems and access control applications.

In combination with the small sized WSTag, a passive UHF transponder especially designed for the windshield of cars, the IR9000 can be used for vehicle access control applications, enabling reading distances of 3-5 meters.

The IR9000 can operate with an integrated antenna or with up to four external antennas. The use of external antennas might be interesting in case the reading area needs to be wider or the entry/exit applications need to be realized with only one reader.

The IR 9000 readers are available with several interfaces for easy integration in different systems. It has also three I/O ports for addressing peripherals. The extremely compact size of the readers enables easy installation in environments with limited space. The wide operation temperature range of the readers and their protection class enable usage in indoor and outdoor environments.

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