Instek Digital Optrail: real-time video surveillance positioning solution

Taipei, Taiwan

Instek Digital, the video surveillance business unit of Good Will Instrument Co. that focus on the development of high quality digital surveillance solutions, has announced its brandnew integrated visual tracking solution, Optrail, incorporating real-time positioning with video surveillance based on Ultra-Wideband technology.

Instek Digital Optrail works by equipping the subject with a tag and it send a wireless signal to the surrounding reference nodes. The wireless signal is based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology with TDoA (Time Difference on Arrivals). This technology is simpler, less expensive and more accurate than other wireless standards. A minimum of three reference nodes are required to determine the subject's (tag's) location. 

The combination of real-time location system and video surveillance offers a wide range of applications of tracking objects/people for different vertical markets. For example, Optrail can be used to protect detention officers in prisons against threats of disorderly inmates; to monitor elderly patients in a hospital who may feel unwell or to safeguard high value assets in a warehouse to restrict visitors from prohibited zones.

Optrail displays the subject(s) interest on Command Center's map; it can also show the reference nodes and cameras. Clicking on the cameras will bring up its video making the subject visible, so users can monitor the subject exact route with visualization. Optrail tags are equipped with an alarm button and G-sensor. The alarm button can be pressed in case of emergency, such as a hospital patient feeling unwell or a detention officer feeling threaten. The built-in G-sensor (optional) can detect a fall, such as a fainting patient in a hospital. When the alarm is triggered or the G-sensor is activated Instek Digital Optrail server receives a signal and sends an alarm to Command Center. Command Center can then display it on a map and pop-up the alarm video(s) to alert the operator. Multiple cameras in the vicinity can be associated to an alarm to provide full visual awareness to the operators tracking the event.

Instek Digital Command Center features the following features: real-time monitoring, historical route monitoring and intrusion/restricted area monitoring. In Command Center a map can display all the relevant subjects or devices, such as subjects (tags), cameras and reference nodes. Operators can then monitor subject(s) in real-time with related videos.

When evidence is required, the historical route of the subject can be viewed with the exact start and end time, and its associated video footage can be downloaded. To prevent unauthorized access or intrusion, Optrail provides tools in Command Center to define restricted areas and to configure alarm settings to safeguard valuable assets.

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