Innovative Hiqview IP bullet camera

Taipei, Taiwan

Hiqview is launching an innovative new outdoor bullet-type IP camera, the HIQ-7388, which claims a 'world-first' as the first outdoor PTZ camera that features remote controllable pan, tilt  and10X optical zoom and is housed in a durable bullet-style camera enclosure.

The Hiqview HIQ-7388 is equipped with a 1/2.8" Sony CMOS Sensor with a 10X  optical zoom (4.9~ 49mm) lens. The 10X zoom function is remote controllable. The images produced by the HIQ-7388 can be compressed into three formats: H.264 / MPEG-4 / MJPEG. Multiple resolutions (1920*1080 / 1280*720 / 640*480 / 320*240 / 176*144) are available for setting as options. Under full HD resolution, the HIQ-7388 can create effective quality images at 30fps@1080p and in real-time. Users can choose a suitable streaming format to meet different environmental conditions.

The HIQ-7388 incorporates a remotely adjustable 150° continuous pan and 95° tilt over the internet. Accordingly, users can move the camera lens swiftly and elastically towards the required monitoring areas. The HIQ-7388 also offers pre-programing for different routine patterns of surveillance that can be alerted by alarms or schedules; the pan/tilt/zoom IP camera will then move through the pre-set routine to capture images as programmed.

Auto Tracking is one of the special features available in the HIQ-7388. When a dynamic object moves in the front of the PTZ IP camera, the HIQ-7388 will automatically detect that object and lock on to it to trace its movements. Furthermore, the HIQ-7388 also supports multi-directional movement by manual operation.

Functions such as smart focus / auto focus / step focus allow for the HIQ-7388 to offer a more professional and unique solution when compared with some other more traditional outdoor IP cameras. By enabling the smart focus function, users can set a square in the image field to make sure that the specific area in the captured images is always clear. The auto focus can be used to focus in on a  moving object and at close-up ranges to capture a larger object that has occupied over 50% of an image. By using step focus, users can manually zoom in and out of the screen images supplied by the HIQ-7388. Hiqview provides a friendly GUI with the camera for fine tuning the focus distance. These smart focus / auto focus / step focus functions make the control, adjustment, and installation of the HIQ-7388 much more flexible and easier.

As the camera supports digital wide dynamic range (D-WDR) technology, it is able to perform effectively under difficult lighting conditions, such as a strong backlight or dim lighting. When the camera is facing towards an object that is in an area with a strong back-light, the D-WDR feature is able to lower the light contrast to achieve a clear image of the object that would usually be too dark to be seen. When the sun goes down, the HIQ-7833 is capable of radiating invisible infra-red illumination for a distance of up to 40 metres as it is equipped with high power IR LEDs, this means that the camera can maintain crystal clear image reproduction in night mode or under bad lighting conditions. The IR technology can detect heat that is emitted from objects, making it a powerful tool to identify essential elements at night, such as people and vehicles.  

Image noise can be caused by many factors, such as power interference, heat, and dim light sources and it could result in ineffective surveillance work. The HIQ-7388, by applying 3DNR technology, can successfully remove image noise to not only make clearer images but also to reduce video file size.

The HIQ-7388 has an all-IP architecture. The built-in open platform web server provides remote users with real time video through an internet browser. Its network deployment is simple and quick. It is supplied with an installation tool, which is able to search for devices that are already connected to the internet. This feature alleviates the inconvenience of complex network settings.

PoE technology enables power and internet connection to be provided by the same cable. The PoE feature included with the HIQ-7388 means that it can be installed at a location without power outlets and can therefore save on costs at the system wiring stage. The camera is offered with a powerful and free VMS software, Hiqview Vision.  This VMS software supplies users with omni-bearing video management and surveillance with Hiqview IP cameras for up to 64 channels.

The housing of the HIQ-7388 is compliant with IP66 standards and so is able to sustain humid and dusty environmental conditions and it is also designed for all day and all weather applications 24/7 in retail stores, car parks, classrooms, bank lobbies, ATMs, main entrances, wide-open areas etc, both indoors and outdoors.


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