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Clovis, CA (USA)

Pelco has announced the development of a new imaging and color technology platform, known as Sarix. According to company officials, this powerful color and imaging technology is rooted in the goal of delivering advanced lowlight capabilities in megapixel-class imaging, H.264 compression, innovative features like Auto Back Focus (ABF), consistent applications of color science, and a flexible platform to adapt for the requirements of additional processing power needed to provide video analytics offerings as an easy option.

At the upcoming 2008 ASIS Show in Atlanta, GA, Pelco will display the Sarix technology for the first time, and will demonstrate the company's plans for the technology's use in a very special series of network security cameras to be released early next year.

Pelco officials added, that in addition to amazing image and color quality, the Sarix technologies will be evident in a completely new Pelco camera industrial design, where the goals of improved aesthetics and ease of installation were paramount. Additionally, Pelco plans to demonstrate H.264 compression and the system's many various resolution and video stream offerings.

"We developed the technology and the features that customers need today, and a platform that will allow us to efficiently provide even more solutions in the future," says Sara Scroggins, Pelco product marketing manager. "Designed exclusively by Pelco Engineering, the Sarix platform was created for security and IT professionals, by the world leader in video and security systems. "

Scroggins added that the Sarix technology will first be available in the new Pelco IX Series Mega-Performance Cameras, scheduled for release in early 2009.

"In our design cycles, we listened when our customers told us that they need solutions with an open-architecture," says Scroggins, "Our intent will be to provide full connectivity to the camera, and analytics through an open API. Pelco analytics and 3rd Party offerings starting with Object Video analytics will also be available at release."

Pelco dedicated their efforts to the development of innovative technology for network cameras that not only addressed, but resolved, many of the issues that industry professionals are presently experiencing. Sarix technology delivers several advantages, including:

Innovation in Image Science. Featuring both High-Definition (HD) resolution and Standard-Definition (SD) resolution, Sarix-based Mega-Performance Network Cameras will deliver greater and more-detailed recognition of objects near or far. By leveraging the latest sensor technologies to multiply and average light per pixel, Sarix will set the new standard for low-light performance and sensitivity, according to Pelco. Furthermore, Pelco will deploy color science techniques that will allow the company to deliver consistent detailed color across all levels of camera products that deploy the Sarix platform. This consistency will provide precise color reproduction in the entire installation regardless of the camera choice and allows for accurate subject tracking throughout the system.

Processing Power. Sarix technology delivers H.264 compression for optimized image quality, along with the flexibility to also use MJPEG or MPEG 4 compression to meet system requirements. A use of higher performance processing will result in high frame rate options and real-time images. This additional processing power will also unlock the ability for options that will include on-board use of analytics with no compromise in the video performance. Every camera in the Sarix line will have one analytic behavior available for free, with additional analytic suites available as options.

Industrial Design. Pelco's new camera design incorporates a number of innovative features and will be a large part of future offerings. With Auto Back Focus (ABF), advanced network camera setup options, local service jack for setup ease, and standard Power over Ethernet (PoE), Sarix-based Mega-Performance Network Cameras will be exceptionally easy to install and easy to focus. This new camera design will also complement contemporary and classic building architecture, and features a modern, aesthetically pleasing design.

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