Hiqview IP surveillance for transport

Taipei, Taiwan

Hiqview Corporation has produced a full line of IP cameras and surveillance systems that are specifically designed for applications in the transport sector.

Around the world transportation organisations aim to provide safe, rapid, and reliable transport on boards trains, planes, and vessels, as well as in public facilities, such as stations, airports, and subway platforms...etc.

For these targeted applications, cameras available for indoor and outdoor use are necessary and crucial. As is the ability to handle tremendous data flow and communication 24/7,  produce high quality video reproduction with high video compression rates and transmission capacity.

Hiqview's IP camera line supports various resolutions of 5MP / 3MP / 2MP megapixels.  Moreover, Hiqview offers a variety of types of IP cameras such as speed domes, bullet cameras, domes, box type cameras, cubes, PT (Pan and Tilt), PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom), 360° panoramic for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Specially designed for transportation applications, Hiqview has newly released a full HD bullet IP camera, the HIQ-6391,which supports a motorised 10X optical zoom and 4X digital zoom and smart focus / auto focus / step focus. This means that the HIQ-6391 can provide clear and detailed images in almost every aspect of an application that a user might want to monitor.

Based on the high quality video of its comprehensive range of IP cameras, the Hiqview NVR is also designed to be highly effective and is configured to a friendly Central Management System (CMS) enabling the user to perform intelligent video analysis (IVS); this advanced IP surveillance solution has been engineered to assist transportation organisations to ensure high security and a reliable transportation system and in turn to gain customer satisfaction with a better level of service.


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