Hiqview creates safer learning environment

Taipei, Taiwan

Hiqview, a fast-growing IP surveillance provider, has recently launched a full line of IP cameras and surveillance systems that are specifically designed and ideally suitable to protecting campuses.

Campus safety is a top issue today for schools. A campus is usually a large open space where security is difficult to ensure. Dead-end areas or dark corners may often cause problems to threaten the safety of students. There are chances that one university has to manage a campus in different locations. To protect school staff and students, it is often necessary to upgrade to an intelligent and multi-functional security surveillance system.

Hiqview IP surveillance systems reproduce high quality images with comprehensive functions for school supervisors or staff to view live video at different campuses in HD quality simultaneously. It helps to manage misbehaviour and violence among students, prevent school crime, and minimize the cost of vandalism. Also, it helps to shorten the reaction time of security officers or teachers when incidents occur. In addition, the relevant video clips can be provided for investigating incidents and identifying suspects.

Based on experiences in various school projects, Hiqvew IP surveillance systems are designed for indoor /outdoor areas, such as entrances and exits, hallways and corridors, classrooms and laboratories, parking lots, cafeterias, libraries, as well as playgrounds.

To meet the growing requirements of IP surveillance products in schools, Hiqview has released a series of professional PTZ/ speed dome IP cameras that provide a 3x up to 18x optical zoom function as an option. For example, the HIQ-7390 and 7391 are outdoor speed domes featuring full HD video quality, 18x optical zoom, networking capability, and with 360° continuous pan and 180° tilt supported. Furthermore, both the HIQ-7390 and 7391 can withstand applications in a wide temperature range, from -20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F~140°F) whilst maintaining effective performance.

Hiqview offers a complete IP surveillance solution including IP cameras +NVRs (network video recorders) plus CMS (central management system). The CMS controls the NVR, and the NVR controls the IP cameras. That is to say, the Hiqview IP cameras, NVR, and CMS form a complete IP surveillance solution.

For medium and large scale application IP surveillance systems, Hiqview provides the NVR with a free-bundled CMS (central management system). Hiqview’s CMS is capable of controlling up to 16 NVRs. In working with the Hiqview IP cameras, the NVR and the Hiqview CMS can build a 3-level IP surveillance system to manage up to 256 IP cameras. Thus, two CMS can control up to 512 IP cameras while three CMS can control up to 768 cameras, and so on. The 3-level architecture is certainly flexible enough to fulfill different system requirements in various environmental conditions. This advanced and complete Hiqview IP surveillance solution enables all leaning environments to be more secure and safer.

As the Hiqview IP surveillance systems is easy to set up at the necessary locations and connect different campus areas together, school staff can use remote monitoring to watch over the campus any time 24/7. Video image transmission via the internet is also supported, enabling the Hiqview IP surveillance footage to be viewed via smart phones, tablets, Ipads, or PCs. This allows viewers, for example busy parents, with authorised access codes, to view their children in the classroom and campus at anytime from anywhere.


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