Darkfighter-X offers next level of surveillance

Hangzhou, China

This series of cameras take information from an IR sensor and information from a visible light sensor and combines them

Hikvision has created what it is terming as the next level of night surveillance with the latest upgrade of its Darkfighter technology – the Darkfighter-X series. The technology can provide colourful, sharp images right down to the lowest light levels – in fact to 0.001 lux.

The Darkfighter-X series takes colour to the max by taking inspiration from the way the human eye works. Eyes use different cells to collect colour and brightness information, which the brain then merges. This series of cameras take information from an IR sensor (for brightness) and information from a visible light sensor (for colour) and combines them to provide the best of both worlds – one bright full-colour image.

Most traditional cameras may have either provided bright images that were blurry, or images in monochrome. This new technology seamlessly melds the two, so neither will be an issue for image quality again.

“It’s a fact that 70% of crimes happen at night, but with Darkfighter-X, that’s no problem”, says Peter Guan, Hikvision’s Channel Sales Director. “Faces are sharper and easier to recognise and the surroundings much clearer to see, even in the lowest light. All of this makes images much more valuable for evidence collecting and case solving.”

The Darkfighter-X series includes a PTZ and bullet camera. Both come with optical defog, 25X optical zoom, 2MP resolution and smart detection. They also include the new H.265+ codec and are weatherproof to IP66 standard.

They can be particularly useful in applications that require 24h full-colour images, like cities - streets, squares and parks; outdoors - rivers and forests; and transportation – railways and ports.


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