Hikvision showcases innovative surveillance at Ifsec

Hangzhou, China

Hikvision’s premiere new product line – the award-winning Panovu Series – will be showcased in a real-time, onsite video preview at Ifsec International in London next week. Designed for large-scale security monitoring applications, the Panovu Series cameras combine panoramic cameras with high-powered zoom so users can replace multiple cameras with one unit. Multiple video streams are stitched together in the camera instead of using software, reducing costs and complexity. The all-in-one design supplies one Ethernet port and one power supply cable for easy installation and simple configuration.

A further product line which will be on display is the acclaimed Turbo HD 3.0 Solution, which upgrades an analogue system with up to 5 MP-resolution, making high-definition surveillance systems possible without replacing existing coaxial cables. Engineered with Hikvision’s high-calibre H.264+ compression, Turbo HD 3.0 technology reduces bit-rates by up to 50% while maintaining high transmission quality. 

Hikvision will also display its advanced thermal camera for visually-challenging applications. Integrated with a unique imaging module, these cameras capture vivid HD video of moving objects at resolutions of up to 640 x 512 pixels, unhindered by either darkness or inclement weather. These cameras feature three innovations: the auto gain control (AGC), digital detail enhancement (DDE) and 3D digital noise reduction (DNR) to further enhance image clarity. Additionally, temperature-anomaly and fire detection effectively prevent fires, hazards, and many other threats to persons and property. Thermal imaging is critical in the most open, expansive, and demanding environments.

Several of Hikvision’s complete solutions for various vertical markets will be shown at Ifsec. Specifically, the Hikvision booth will also feature live displays of its Smart Mobile Solution, demonstrating mobile NVR + IP cameras and its Smart Transportation Solution, with a real-time automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology demonstration. Its Smart Retail Solution, with technologies including people counting and heat-mapping, will be available to visitors, along with a Smart Banking Solution system. 


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