Hanwha launches traffic incident detection solution

Chertsey, Surrey (UK)

New Hanwha Sprinx partnership results in Traffic AID

Hanwha Techwin and analytics specialist Sprinx Technologies have combined their expertise to develop Wisenet Automatic Incident Detection (AID), an easy to deploy and highly accurate city wide incident detection solution which is designed to be affordable for budget conscious local authorities.

Traffic AID lets operators instantly know when traffic is slowing down and whether there is a lengthening queue. It will also detect broken down or illegally stopped vehicles and if there is a wrong way driver, a pedestrian in danger or there is smoke in a tunnel. It will even spot if some cargo has fallen off a lorry.

Traffic AID utilises intelligent image processing to quickly alert operators about specific traffic related events whilst at the same time enables statistical data such as vehicle classification, counting and flow to be recorded. Traffic AID’s intuitive web user interface enables operators to specify detection zones and parameters and to analyse statistical data via easy on the eye graphics and charts. An event journal provides a log of all events and snapshots of individual incidents.

For city surveillance managers who do not require the complete Traffic AID package, there are a number of affordable module options available to help them keep traffic and pedestrians on the move. These include features such as Pedestrian and Stop Detection (PSD), where alerts are generated when pedestrians and stopped vehicles are detected in a tunnel or on a hard shoulder; Traffic Flow that simultaneously monitors two separate traffic lanes in order to estimate traffic flow and automatically alert operators when there is congestion on the roads and queues are developing; Traffic Data - this is for short term traffic management and long term city centre planning, the Traffic Data solution provides statistical data about the density, average speed and flow of motorbikes, cars, lorries and buses. It can simultaneously monitor two lanes of traffic moving in different directions, whilst a cleverly devised Origin-Destination Matrix (OD) feature highlights traffic conditions at busy city centre crossroads and roundabouts.

The Traffic Hub server based application collects and aggregates data from multiple network connected Wisenet cameras and through its interface offers a quick overview of all traffic incidents. Providing detailed but easy to understand graphs of traffic data such as the numbers and average speed of vehicles, the application is available in 4, 16 and 48 channel packages.

Selected high definition Wisenet X cameras are packed with innovative features such as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and motorised varifocal low light lens, to ensure operators are able to view day or night sharp, clear quality images in order to visually verify Traffic AID information. 2 megapixel Wisenet XNB-6000 and XNB-6005 fixed cameras, and the XNP-6120R IR bullet camera are also all equipped with gyro sensors which provide accurate stabilisation to combat wind or vibrations.

“Our engineers have worked very closely with the Sprinx Technologies team to ensure we exceed the expectations of traffic managers who are tasked with resolving the challenge of the ever increasing number of vehicles causing congestion within city centres, and on highways and motorways,” said Tim Biddulph, Head of Product and Solutions for Hanwha Techwin Europe.


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