Handsfree identification for up to 4 meters

Groenlo, The Netherlands

Nedap introduces the Transit entry reader, the latest in technology for secure handsfree access and other RFID applications. The Transit entry reader offers handsfree person identification (and vehicles) up to 4 meters [12 ft].

The Transit entry combines the convenience of traditional door automation with the security of restricted access. The handsfree access system is made up of a Transit entry reader and a tag. Transit entry readers are installed next to a door or gate. A long range tag visible in line of sight of the reader will be identified and depending on authorization the access is granted. The system reads at distances up to 4 meter [12ft] reliable and consistently.

The Transit entry has great benefits, especially in situations where people cannot use their hands to present their ID badge to open the door, but where high security needs to be maintained. Some applications are;

- Emergency rooms
- Disabled access
- Secure warehouse facilities
- Building access
- Gated vehicle access

The Transit entry reader can be installed next to a door without the need for any additional mounting accessories or wiring. The reader is foreseeing of Wiegand communication for seamless integration in existing access control systems.

The Transit entry reader can be featured with an optional proximity and ISO compliant smartcard interface, which will enable the reader to read standard proximity cards and smartcard CSN at short distances. The interface eliminates the need for multiple readers nearby a door or boom gates.

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