Grenoble stadium secured by Genetec

Saint-Laurent, Canada

Grenoble Stadium in Grenoble, France, has selected Omnicast, Genetec's IP video surveillance solution, to protect the 20,000 estimated stadium visitors and secure the new elaborate home of GF38, Grenoble's renowned football team.

The recently built Grenoble Stadium boasts one of the most innovative compilations of high-tech solutions found in sports facilities throughout France, featuring several other cutting-edge solutions such electronic payment, interactive video display, and a customer relationship management (CRM) system with RFID-based loyalty cards. Additionally, the stadium has implemented a smart card-based access control system which uses the latest advancements in biometrics and digital imprints that will eventually be fully integrated with Omnicast.

With the help of Genetec's partner and integrator NEC France, a leading provider of innovative electronic and IT technologies for worldwide enterprises, the Grenoble Stadium is currently using Omnicast to monitor 35 analog cameras that were installed in and around the stadium, and another 30 new IP cameras that are strategically placed throughout the stadium in key areas such as restricted access areas, refreshment bars, and players and delegates zones.

The Grenoble Stadium opted to choose Genetec's video surveillance solution for its ergonomic user-interface which makes it easy for security operators to use and review archived video, as well as for its remote access capabilities which have proved to be extremely beneficial. Stewards use mobile PDAs to receive security alerts from the center's security department via the Wi-Fi infrastructure set up by NEC. With the main Omnicast client station found within the security department at the stadium, another two remote stations allow for the security director to monitor events directly from his office in the stadium and for the Grenoble Police to access video around the stadium in case incidences require their immediate involvement.

"What's striking about the technology and solutions that are in place, is their interfacing and their articulations which allow in real time to better manage the flow of visitors and to be able to easily identify suspects or behaviours," states Chris Dupoux, director of the Grenoble Stadium. "Today, it is the guarantee for better security during public events and football matches."

With plans to expand the system into the underground parking facilities with another 35 analog cameras, the Grenoble Stadium is happy that Omnicast's open architecture has allowed them to grow the system on their own time and leverage previous hardware investments. The flexibility provided by the open-architecture has also given the Grenoble Stadium the ability to seamlessly integrate the access control solution which will provide pop-up video footage with access generated alarms, and crowd flow control at entrances and exits.

"Partnering with NEC France on this project has really allowed Genetec to showcase how our video surveillance solution, Omnicast, can compliment numerous highly developed third-party technologies and software," says Guillaume Charon, regional sales manager in France at Genetec. "Omnicast is really a perfect fit at the Grenoble Stadium where the management team was looking for the most forward thinking innovations for their facility. The sophisticated features in Omnicast will help them achieve all their security objectives and allow them to continue growing the system as needs arise."

"The Grenoble Stadium is the most innovative and modern stadium in France," Frédéric Thiriez, president of the French Football League (LFP). "NEC, who delivered this high-tech stadium, chose the best partners, such as Genetec, in order to build a modern, innovative infrastructure that secures the stadium and reduces the operation costs."

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