Genetec launches Autovu Sharp

Montreal, Canada

Genetec, developer of unified IP security solutions, has released the next generation of its IP-based automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, the Autovu Sharp and Autovu Sharpx.

The new cameras enable the concurrent detection of number plates from a greater variety of models, capturing number plates from different states or countries on the same system. Customers can also benefit from access to new vehicle behaviour and characteristic analytics, and the ability to deploy up to four high-resolution ANPR cameras on a vehicle, for near-360° capture. The new Autovu Sharp and Sharpx cameras are available immediately via the Genetec global network of certified integrators and channel partners.

The latest Sharp and Sharpx offer advanced vehicle characteristic and behavioural analytics, beyond traditional ANPR functionalities, and can analyse a scanned vehicle to identify its make and the number plate state or country of origin. The direction and speed of vehicles can also be detected with a single ANPR camera, allowing end-users to collect and review trends over time and automatically detect suspicious behaviours.

"We believe that the value of ANPR extends beyond number plate analysis, and our latest generation of Autovu Sharp and Sharpx cameras is a gateway that offers those extended features for identifying vehicle trends and patterns,” said Stephan Kaiser, Autovu General Manager, Genetec. "Whether in a city setting or on a private property, the advanced analytics in the Sharp and Sharpx introduce important new methodologies for detecting complex automotive behaviours, along with powerful new data mining possibilities," added Kaiser.

The Autovu Sharpx also leverages additional available processing power that offers new configuration options. Customers can now deploy up to four high-resolution Sharpx camera units on a single processing unit, decreasing equipment costs and simplifying installation and maintenance. Mobile users can achieve near-360° ANPR coverage, to capture more number plates located around the patrol vehicle. The Sharpx is also now available in a new portable mobile kit, containing up to four cameras, a pre-wired processing unit and all necessary cables, allowing users to move their ANPR equipment rapidly from one vehicle to another as required.

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