Genetec and Bosch deepen technology partnership

Paris, France

Genetec and Bosch Security Systems have further increased the depth of their integration partnership, and, as a result the widely deployed Bosch MAP 5000 intrusion alarm panels can now directly connect to Genetec Security Center through the Intrusion Manager, combining intrusion, video and access control into one intuitive interface.

Facility and security managers have traditionally been required to manage intrusion settings and alarms manually through a keypad or via a separate system. This can result in inefficient task switching to understand the context of an alarm, longer response times and a disconnected overview of security and operations. However, integration with Genetec Security Center is able to ensure operators can monitor all intrusion events on dynamic maps alongside other security data such as video footage or access control records. This provides a fuller real-time understanding of what is happening in the facility so that organisations can react faster and contribute to more efficient day-to-day operations.

The integration also provides customers with additional intrusion management capabilities. This includes the ability to operate all intrusion systems from a central location, an alarm persistence feature that identifies where alarms originated, and a specialised interface to ensure operations can quickly arm specific zones while continuing to monitor the rest of the system. Furthermore, it offers the potential for customers to take advantage of other integrations and modules available within Security Center. For example, with Genetec Mission Control, users can go beyond monitoring and implement a comprehensive decision support system that ensures each intrusion event is handled in compliance with the organisation’s standard operating procedures.

“This integration further deepens our long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship with Bosch, bringing true value to our joint customers and partners,” commented Francesco Serra, Vice President, Sales, Europe at Genetec. “While our existing intrusion management features have long helped customers to manage their systems more easily and to catch intruders faster, this new integration allows us to extend those benefits to new areas across Europe.”


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