Full HD IR outdoor vandal IP dome

Taipei, Taiwan

Hiqview is launching an outdoor IP dome camera with supporting digital wide dynamic range (D-WDR) and 3D and 2D digital noise reduction (DNR), model reference, HIQ-5388.

Hiqview HIQ-5388 is an outdoor vandal proof dome camera, equipped with 1/2.7" CMOS sensor and having an all-IP architecture. The built-in open platform web server provides remote users with real time video through an internet browser. The HIQ-5388 is designed to compress images into two formats, H.264 and MJPEG, that are available in multiple resolutions: 1920x1080/ 1280x720/ 640x480/ 320x240/ 176x144. It is possible for the users to choose a suitable streaming format based on the different bandwidth resources available.

The design of the aluminium housing is IP66 rated against water and dust ingress in outdoor environments. The built-in fixed lens (2.8 mm) and 14 pcs of 15M light source IR LEDs of  the HIQ-5388 not only help with easy installation, but also make the images clear in both day and night modes with its auto IR-cut filter mechanism and the IR illumination of up to 15 metres in distance.

The network configuration of the camera is designed to be easy and hassle-free. The installation tool offered by the company allows for the HIQ-5388 IP camera to be located once connected to the internet. As it is equipped with an analogue video output, it is possible to connect the IP camera directly to an analogue monitor locally. The HIQ-5388 is also designed to support 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) for handy installation as no additional power lines are needed in this case. Consequently, this results in a total power line cost reduction for medium to large sized deployments.

Incorporated with wide dynamic range (WDR) technology, the HIQ-5388 performs well even under difficult lighting conditions, such as strong backlighting or in dim lighting conditions. For example a man is standing at entrance area with a strong back light behind him, usually the man’s face would be too dark to see in the images reproduced by a camera without the WDR feature. The WDR feature uses different exposures for different areas of the image, and it lowers the light contrast, and therefore, as in this example, it would reveal the clear features of the man’s face even with the strong light.

In outdoor conditions, when the sun goes down, it is often difficult for typical outdoor cameras to create clear images. On the contrary, the HIQ-5388, an IR camera, is capable of generating valuable pictures in dark environments. The built-in 14 pcs of 15M light source IR LEDs enable the provision of clear images under bad light conditions. IR technology can detect heat emitted from objects, making it a powerful tool for the identification of essential elements at night, such as people and vehicles. 

The HIQ-5388 also provides rich surveillance functions including alarm, SD card local storage, and 2-way audio. The GUI design is based on a user-friendly principle. In addition, the free-bundled powerful VMS Hiqview Vision software is provided with the HIQ-5388 that offers the user the possibility to create their own video surveillance and system management from his PC.

The HIQ-5388 is produced for both day/night dual-purpose applications making it suitable for monitoring in open environments and important entrances, such as retail stores, parking lots, classrooms, bank lobbies, and ATMs.

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