Flir releases F-series ID thermal camera with analytics

Wilsonville, Or (USA)

The new F-Series ID from with Flir with on board anlaytics

This week Flir Systems, Inc  has introduced the F-Series ID, a high-resolution thermal security camera with onboard analytics.

The latest addition to Flir’s F-Series family of premium thermal security cameras, the F-Series ID features a best-in-class 640x480 Flir thermal sensor with up to 300 percent greater thermal sensitivity than previous F-Series models to provide crisp, detail-rich imagery in low-contrast conditions. The F-Series ID yields better image and range performance in the trusted F-Series form factor, setting the standard for critical infrastructure customers needing threat detection and alarm assessment.

The F-Series ID detects potential intruders in both low or zero light conditions, and its built-in analytics classify human and vehicular targets that pose a risk. At the same time, the F-Series ID ignores innocuous targets, such as wandering animals or swaying tree limbs, that might otherwise trigger nuisance alarms. The result is more reliable detection with fewer false alarms in total darkness or through sun glare, smoke, dust, and light fog.

With five lens options, including 44, 25, 17, 12 and 8.6-degree field of views, the F-Series ID provides wide-to-narrow coverage that reduces the number of cameras needed to monitor fence lines, perimeters, and open areas. Combined with Flir’s custom Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE), the F-Series ID offers superior image contrast and sharpness.

Offering simple plug-and-play installation and automatic calibration, the F-Series ID is certified for integration with most major third-party video management systems (VMS), as well as Flir’s United VMS. The F-Series ID’s onboard analytics can even hand off intruders to other Flir pan-tilt-zoom cameras installed at a site for autonomous tracking, which is a significant benefit for security operation centres.

The F-Series ID comes with Flir’s industry-leading 10-year thermal sensor warranty and three-year camera warranty and will be available for order in the second quarter of 2018.


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