FLIR collaborates with Metrum

London, UK

At the Transport Security Expo 2012, visitors will be able to see the powerful result that can be achieved from the combination of FLIR Systems thermal imaging technology and the Metrum information storage solutions.
FLIR Systems has a policy of continuous development on all its thermal imaging cameras and as a result Metrum will feature the latest generation of FLIR cameras for commercial security, many of which have new features and increased capability.

Extensively proven in the law enforcement, border control and defence sectors, FLIR thermal imaging is now benefitting the wider security community. And thanks to economies of scale on detector manufacture, the cost of this technology is now eminently affordable.

At the show, taking place at Olympia in London in November, Metrum will demonstrate there is a model in the FLIR range to suit every application and budget. At entry-level the company will be showing the compact, lightweight and monocular HS Series. The cameras provide a clear 320 x 240 resolution image so that intruders can be spotted during the day or night and even through smoke, fog, snow and heavy rain.

The models in the range have different optics, the most powerful being the HS-307 with a 65mm lens that provides a 7? field of view, allowing the user to spot a man-sized target at a distance of up to 1.5 kilometers. The Pro version of the series adds evidential image and video storage as well as USB2 connection into the standard feature set.

For those wanting a more sophisticated thermal imaging camera, the FLIR BHS-Series can provide images up to 640 x 480 in a binocular-style design. All BHS models are available with different lenses to suit the application and all are interchangeable, greatly increasing the application potential of the cameras.

Completing the exhibits is the FLIR Pathfindir automotive night vision system which can be integrated into vehicle designs or adapted for after-market commercial applications. This highly effective product enables drivers to detect and monitor potential hazards on or near the road, giving them more time to react to any potential danger. It provides a sixth sense that significantly reduces the hazards associated with night time driving.

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