Eyevis control room visualisation solutions

Dubai, U.A.E

From 18-20 January 2015, German specialist for large screen technologies Eyevis will be presenting high-quality displays and innovative solutions for visualisation in control rooms and security centres at the Intersec show in Dubai.

Besides their 50-inch LED-lit DLP rear-projection cubes and modular 55-inch OPS-LCDs Eyevis will present EPU-Wall its new solution for the assembly and the flexible operation of IP-based video-wall-installations as well as additional solutions for professional control and signal transmission for video wall systems.

With the EC-50-LHD-ISE-1000 with 50-inch screen diagonal, full HD resolution and Cluster-LED technology for high brightness display, Eyevis will show their rear-projection cubes for seamless video wall installations for reliable 24/7 operation at Intersec. The flicker-free display and the excellent colour and brightness behaviour enable an ergonomically optimised viewing. Thanks to the use of DLP technology there is no danger of burn-in effects for the cubes caused by the prolonged display of static image contents. Long-life LED technology and a heat-pipe cooling system without moving components enable an almost maintenance-free operation.

A cost-efficient solution for the assembly and the flexible operation of IP-based video wall-installations and display-networks is what the EPU-Wall has to offer for control rooms. Consisting of the Eyecon wall-management-software, the specially for EPU-Wall developed database server ECS 510 and an optional number of eyevis OPS-LCDs with integrated Eyevis Processing-Unit (EPU), the EPU-Wall has been engineered to be convincing in any situation that requires the transmission of streams over IP-networks. Through the EPU-Wall streams that are available in the network can be easily distributed to single displays or unlimited video walls.

The EPU-wall enables the assembly of flexible video wall arrangements without the necessity of a graphic controller. Due to the integrated OPS-compatible processing units (EPUs), the OPS-LCDs can directly be connected to a standard-IP-network. With just a few clicks the displays can, through Eyecon, be integrated into EPU-Wall and can be fed with all sources available in the network through the wall-management-software. This creates an incredible amount of flexibility for the extension of control room video walls or digital signage networks.

Requirements for media technology in control centres and conference rooms are becoming more and more comprehensive. Due to increasingly complex tasks and ever bigger data formats the volume of transmitted data also increases. With new technology and thought-out features the new Netpix 4900 graphic controller has been designed to set performance-standards for the control of video walls and signal transmission. With new input and output cards, a new switch-fabric-backplane and a optimized housing concept, the new Netpix 4900 enables the output processing of 4K/Ultra HD signals. Moreover, the service and maintenance-friendliness was improved, which lowers downtimes. According to requirements Eyevis with the Netpix 4900 and the Netpix 4900 Plus are able to offer two different sizes of the graphic controller.

With the Eyegate Eyevis also exhibits professional streaming-encoders for the cost-efficient transmission of DVI-data over standard-IP-networks. With the Eyegate external sources can be integrated into control centre systems through the click of a mouse through the Eyecon software. Thereby the Eyegate encodes DVI and HDMI signals with a resolution of up to 1920x1200 pixels and 60Hz over a high-quality H.264 compression with a base, main and high profile. With the integrated Chroma Subsampling Filter the Eyegate achieves a quality that corresponds to a sampling ratio of 4:2:2. Thereby band widths of 1-12 MB/s are sufficient for the Eyegate.

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