Technology eases parking & improves security for Lidl

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

A Parking Video Guidance Solutions (PVGS) has been deployed in two brand new underground parking garages for the retail chain in the towns of Choisy le Roi and Livry-Gargan.

Retailers are constantly reinventing themselves to compete in the current shopping landscape, where customer experience is becoming more and more important. Traditional ’budget’ supermarket giant Lidl wanted to makes changes to attract a different type of shopper to adapt.

They turned to technology to streamline infrastructure and make customers feel more welcome in one of the first places they see – the underground car park. Lidl asked top distributor ADI for this, who built a solution using Hikvision products. This was implemented in two Lidl stores in France.


Grocery shoppers are often in a hurry, and the first potential delay to their shopping, and addition to their stress, is finding a parking space. Lidl wanted to improve this in their underground car park – to make the parking experience more welcoming for customers. The people they wanted to encourage into the store were in a higher socioprofessional group and they wanted to make them see the sophistication and ease of shopping at the store.

This meant a switch from well-known ultrasonic sensor technology widely used in Lidl parking to a Parking Vehicle Guidance System (PVGS). Although use of ultrasonic sensors was familiar to Lidl, it did not afford them complete coverage of the entire parking space. So, Lidl was in the market for a fresh perspective and wanted to try a new solution.

ADI looked to Hikvision and as a result, a Parking Video Guidance Solutions (PVGS) has been deployed in two brand new underground parking garages for the retail chain in the towns of Choisy le Roi and Livry-Gargan.


The PVGS solution is built from a number of products and technologies, working seamlessly together through a dedicated Hikcentral Enterprise VMS module.

External Interface Parking Guidance Cameras (DS-TCP345-K/S/DS-TVG 300) were set up throughout the car park to show drivers the way to the empty spaces. The single-lens camera monitors 1 or 2 parking spaces and can see immediately when a car enters or leaves the space(s). With this information, space occupancy status can be immediately updated, changing the corresponding guidance light to green, or red, for instance. This means drivers no longer have to continuously circle the car park on the stressful search for a space.

The cameras have a dual purpose, providing video security too. In fact, 100% of parking spaces are now covered by the camera network, so the security of the car park is increased.

The cameras are coordinated by Video Guidance Terminals (DS-TPM400-P(6T)/ DS-TPM400-P/TPS), and this is all brought together using a 16 Port Gigabit Unmanaged Switch (DS-3E0516-E) and a General Purpose Sever (DS-VE11D-C/HW01). In the monitoring centre, operators use Hikcentral VMS to manage the system, with Hikcentral Enterprise licenses.

The entire solution is made up of Hikvision products – testimony to their flexibility and innovation. It provided an innovative answer to Lidl’s challenge, giving shoppers an easier, more welcoming way to start their shopping experience.

Mohamed El Shikby, Lidl’s Technical Real Estate Manager, says: “This new affordable system gives clear and effective guidance for our shoppers. They can immediately see parking space status on entry, avoiding wasted time and lowering risk of accident. We are confident that this will give a great first impression to all our customers, including new ones.”

This solution is scalable, so extension can be easily added by just adding new devices. 


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