Eagle Eye Networks introduces local display stations

Austin, Tx (USA)

The Eagle Eye Local Display Station decodes and displays up to 164 live camera streams for display on premise, an ideal solution for live viewing applications such as video walls, spot monitors, and security displays.

The new Eagle Eye Local Display Station video appliance has been engineered to integrate seamlessly with Eagle Eye’s cloud video management system (VMS), displaying up to 32 cameras on any standard TV display and up to 164 cameras across multiple display pages.

The Eagle Eye Local Display Station is available in two models, the DS100 which supports a single display, and the DS200 which supports two displays. Both models offer ultra-low latency, crisp, and clear video. The software provides high reliability and customisable layouts which are controlled and managed from the cloud.

The Eagle Eye Local Display Station is designed to deliver live video without the cost, complexity, and maintenance of a workstation, making it ideal for use in public areas or remote locations with less technical support staff. It delivers live video on almost any monitor. And, it is designed using high quality components, with embedded software technology that ensures reliability even during power outages.

“The addition of the Eagle Eye Local Display Stations to our product portfolio improves deterrence, detection, and response to incidents, while making the most of security budget dollars,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “It provides customers the benefits of cloud video surveillance and a trouble free local live display.”

The Eagle Eye Display Station DS100 and Eagle Eye Display Station DS200 are available immediately.


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